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at the coast. leyla gulen, what is going on? >> good morning, everyone, we have a lot of spinouts and flooding on the roadways. this map shows lots of green and that is where we are seeing rain and the blue areas, out here, that is where we are seeing the heaviest rain and as we take it to antioch we have flooding for westbound before you reaches summersville road, and it is slowing down the traffic. in san jose, along southbound 101, we have a car down an embankment so watch out for that. very slick conditions out there. be careful. eric and katie? >> thank you for that. next, san francisco's chaotic big wheelsation is -- big wheel's race is always a big deal but this y >> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> new this morning a federal investigation is underway after a nest belonging to rare birds was removed from a crane at the port of san francisco. here are some pictures of the birds when they first arrived at pier 80 last year. they were once near extinction set up a next on a crane. according to the chronicle, workers tore down the nest while they were
the weekend but nothing like what we are dealing with now. leyla gulen has the commute. >> good morning, as we look through berkeley we have a band new accident along westbound 80, and it sounds like a couple of lanes blocked and we have backup as you make the drive in the wive direction. here is a look at our travel times, we are looking at a busy drive along 580 westbound between 205 to castro valley because of an early wreck with a big risk so 34 minutes it will take to reach 680. we are still in good shape, 15 minutes ahead between antioch and concord and 80, 14 minutes to go between highway 85 and 237, and we can see pretty decent conditions out here and this is along westbound 80 so when you pass the accident you are looking clear as you make it to the macarthur maze. katie and eric? >> still good news out there. >> north korea is raising tensions with the united states another notch. >> next, the new threat from the north and how the united states is responding we are live in washington. >> the new sponsor stepping up to make sure the hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats t
. >> stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage and we will check with mike nicco and leyla gulen in the traffic center and traffic the storm online with live doppler 7 hd at >> happening now, this is a live look from 4th and howard where president obama is waking up at the hotel in san francisco this morning. you can see several streets south of market are closed off to the public so rebel that this o as you drive around, the president is in town to raise money for the democratic national committee. year, he attended a pair of fundraisers in san francisco and this morning he will board marine one and head to the peninsula to atherton and attend two more fundraisers before leaving the bay area after lunch. protesters greeted the president yesterday and they are expected to turnout again in force today. we will get a live update from abc7 news reporter cornell bernard in 30 minutes on the presidential visit. >> this morning, alarming threats of war from north korea with the military wanting they have final approval to attack the united states with nuclear weapons. the
of the commute. leyla gulen? >> the drive along 101 through san rafael into central san rafael we have clear conditions and closer to 580 and sir francis drake we have construction out this blocking a couple of lanes southbound 101 to the waldo tunnel so watch out and we have more construction to get to along 101, 380, and the westbound 380 to southbound 101 will be closed until 6:00 a.m. due to road work and as we look at fremont, northbound 680 between mission boulevard south to mission boulevard north the drive as you come up, that is looking at three lanes blocked until 6:00 a.m. >> thank you, it is 4:39. >> the bay area city plan to keep some people out of certain neighborhoods. >> a real life version of the movie "footloose" and why these protesters are using fancy footwork to force changes in the law. but first the tech bytes this morning. >> in today's tech byte apple issues an apology to the customers in china, the c.e.o. admitted there has been some confusion about the repairing warranty policies and vowed to institute improvements. a major victory for the start of arial which will
the weekend is in the north bay. leyla gulen has the traffic. >> happy hump day to you out there. as we look at the macarthur maze you can see 80 westbound taillights are moving well, and northbound seeing no problems or crashes as yet. that is good news. what we do have is construction. headed back out to the altamont pass right new, eastbound 580 between greenville road to gasoline road we will see a couple of lanes blocked. plan ahead for the commute to the central committee. headed over to oakland, northbound 880 we have construction at fruitvale until 5:00 a.m. so it should wrap up shortly. >> 4:37 now. a hero comes forward, the man who rushed in to stop a driver on a rampage describes the moments of terror and confusion inside a san jose walmart. >> san francisco takes action to make thousands of homes safer in an earthquake. what it will mean for renters. first here is the tech byte this morning. >> would you be willing to watch tv ads in exchange if free access to video content? that is the concept with users earning cash and buy new movies or tv episodes to view on the mac or pc. th
camera. we do have wind advisories that leyla gulen is tracking on the bridges. we will check with mike nicco coming up. >> we may soon find out why the steel rods on the bay bridge broke. caltran will deliver answers tomorrow to the metropolitan transportation committee to uc berkeley experts and a private consultant criticized caltran saying the failure could have been prevented. there are questions whether testing for quality control were followed after three dozen steel rods snapped last month. caltran estimates it will cost $1 million to fix the problem. >> there is a taxi shortage in san francisco but that led to the proliferation of the new and innovative ways to get a ride around town. the so-called ridesharing businesses are getting the big brush off from san francisco international airport until sfo can figure out a way to regulate them. abc7 news reporter explains. >> you have probably seen them, the cards with the big mustache, one of several independent ridesharing companies. they are not welcome at san francisco international airport that sent cease and desist orders to th
by saturday. now an update on the traffic. leyla gulen? >> in the santa cruz mountains we are tracking a fatality on bear creek road. it does not seem to affect traffic. 171 moving well in that direction but we will keep our eye on this. we have construction in san jose. that is causing a bit of slowing. southbound 101 we will have one lane blocked until 5:00 a.m. in san francisco we have construction out there, as well, blocking the on-ramp between southbound 101 to eastbound 80 lasting until 6:00 a.m. chris -- kristen and eric? >> a student magazine story that has everyone talking on the peninsula that touch add nerve on a high school campus. >> immigration reform hits home. the appeal 4th grader >> covering san francisco, east bay and santa clara and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 4:41. a group of 4th grades from berkeley taking part in a rally tonight as part of national day of action for immigration reform. students at jefferson elementary school are trying to bring attention to their campaign to bring their friend and classmate home. ten-year-old guzman w
. leyla gulen will take care of that. didn't many to steal your thunder. the winds are coming but not so stout as they were yesterday. the clouds are not so thick. that is why we have a good chance of sunshine and warmer weather. we will see sunshine quicker than yesterday. in the mid-40's to 50 and sunshine and 60 away from the coast and at noon 52, and it will not be so breezy this afternoon as yesterday. check out the temperatures at 75 inland and 64 around the bay and 51 at coast. no worries this evening, grab a light coat with temperatures in the 50's and 60's. through the weekend and into next week we. what up a couple of degrees tomorrow with the morning clouds giving way to sunshine and high clouds and sun and temperatures running near 90 inland by monday. near 80 around the bay. leyla gulen has an update. >> we have a fatality in alamo, a car and a power pole. stone valley road is shut down. it is busy as the morning wears on and kids will go to school and this road could be shut down until further notice. so take the connection to 680. this is an active investigation. >> in oak
on the weather side and with leyla gulen and the effect on traffic. >> gas prices are lower for were of the nation. the national average for regular has dropped six cents the past two weeks to $3.65. a amount a says california averages $4.02 a gallon and san francisco is higher at $4.12 and oakland is $4 even. in san jose drivers are paying $4.01. the highest price is in chicago at $4.05. the lowest price is in billings, montana, at 3.33 a gallon. >> several ride sharing services are banned from sfo after issuing cease and desist orders against six different ride-sharing companies including sidecars companies that struck a deal with the public utility commission to stay in operation. an airport spokesman says that it is a passenger safety issue. the ride sharing companies have not gone through the same permitting process as cab companies. >> a new report out says that airline passenger complaints are skyrocketing. researchers say airlines are doing a better job with consumer complaints but they surged 20 percent. airlines have shifted to larger planes to carry more people but that ha
rolling in and friday and saturday most of the rain, if we get any, is to the north. leyla gulen? >> thank you, mike, headed along the san mateo bridge, clear conditions both directions between hayward and foster city. we still have lots of construction but no crashes. that is what we like to report. the map shows all this orange, and fog could be affecting the roadways and could affect your drive so just to let you know we have construction northbound 101 between san antonio it is blocked slightly out of san rafael and southbound 101 we have one lane blocked at mount tamalpais drive and sir francis drake. >> hillary clinton appears for the first time since stepping down as secretary of state and an effort underway to get her to run for president. >> michael jackson's doctor speaks out from prison and a claim he is making of his role in the pop singer's >> los altos, petaluma, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, everyone, thanks for joining us. just turned 5:12 on wednesday morning. this is a live picture from the roof camera with the embarcardero in the foreground and ba
temperatures are still above average. now a check of the morning commute. leyla gulen? >> it looks calm in san jose. at 101 headed northbound, the headlights coming away from 880 it is looking quiet and we have some construction. great highway is shut down and will be shut down until further notice because of high winds from yesterday that blew a lot of sand on the beach. the trucks are trying to push everything to sea. that closed between lincoln and skyline boulevard. back in san jose we do have a closure along northbound 280 to the southbound 85 with connection cones picked up at 6:00 a.m. >> next, battling tobacco sales in low-income areas of san francisco. the controversial solution a group has. >> a daring heist in italy, a band of robbers made off with millions in gold. first, here is the america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money, jc penney fires the c.e.o. and got the old boss back. he was known for creating the apple retail stores and is replaced by the former chief. a new lone is offered to pay for a vehicle to boost new car sales, with total interest paid far
minutes. leyla gulen has more traffic. >> good morning, everyone, at 5:07. back to the east bay we have an overturned truck along northbound 680 at miss boulevard, at the 262 connection. we are also looking at another accident involving three cars, along the on-ramp to northbound 880 so your drive to hayward is slow at this hour but, again, watch out for the truck accident that is blocking one lane. to the altamont pass it is slowing down and 47 miles per hour from the central valley. headed closer to dublin/pleasanton, the speeds will jump up ever-so-slightly and at highway four, through antioch and to concord, you are running at top speeds and, again, we have a fatality in santa cruz mountains off bear creek road, a car went off the embankment and we have one fatality. this is right near highway 35 so traffic is not affected along 35 or 17. >> next, the push in sacramento to return thousands of dollars in education that could mean for millions of california college students. >> he is ready for visitors camera and what it takes to prepare this penguin public for the big debut. but firs
to near 80 and, still, at 60 at the coast. leyla gulen? >> we are looking outside right now and this is the san mateo bridge coming out of hayward and we starting to see extra tail lights approaching the high-rise and it loosens up as you make it to foster city. the eastbound traffic is not seeing any problems and light at this hour. we will talk about travel times, as we take a look at 4 and 580 and 101 everything is moving along at top speed before antioch and concord at 15 minutes and 22 minutes away from the central valley to dublin and 101 out of san rafael, from the golden gate bridge it is a short 12 minute drive. >> thank you. >> south korea makes an offer to the north to diffuse a growing nuclear crisis. north korea's unmistakable reply. >> new cases of the bird flu and their location is making doctors worried about the spread. first, though, this morning's america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money it is general motors and ford developing a new transmission assembly lines could be installing it in vehicles by 2016, expected to meet new feel st
monday we will warm up and see more spring-like conditions. leyla gulen has the commute. >> as we look at the san mateo bridge the drive from hayward to foster city is clear. not seeing any fog. what we are seeing is fog along the coast. first i want to tell you about construction. we do not have any accidents. just mostly construction and road closing. eastbound 580 between live more avenue and vasco you have intermittent lane blockages from one, two, or three lanes until 6:00 a.m. where we see fog that is along highway one to half moon bay into princeton. >> thank you, leyla. >> a bay area neighborhood that never sleeps allowing businesses to stay only 24/7. >> an off-duty bay area cop saves the day on way home from vacation. would he ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. with clusts of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, you..
of the commute. leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone. there is police activity near union square, a two-block radius because of a suspicious package and because of the boston attacks. we are on high alert. it looks like market street and mission street and 3rd street and grant are affected. down a stretch, at foot of market, we will be commemorting the earthquake of 1906. expect to see quite a bit of activity out there. >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> opponents try to turn on the volume on america's cup concerts and how they are stepping up the battle. >> an emotional game for the sacramento kings and when the fans will know if the team is saying goodbye. first, the america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money, the cost of maining the vehicles is going up. paying for gas, repairs, tires and insurance is 2 percent higher than last year according to aaa maintenance, with costs rising more than 11 percent. carnival cruise will spend $700 million to upgrade their fleet to be use the to improve plumbing, mechanical and electrical equipment after two of the ships lost power
the bay to mid-to-upper 60's at the coast. leyla gulen? >> sounds like a beautiful week at 4:49 as we drive to san jose we will look at what is happening on 280 headed northbound, the headlights coming away from 17, all is clear, no crashes, just construction, and in marin county, moving into mill valley, we do have a couple of lanes blocked southbound along 101 define sir francis drake boulevard to the waldo tunnel and that is until 6:00 ap, and now as we move into the east bay more construction on eastbound 4 between harvard street and leverage road a lost construction in this area but the two lanes on the freeway eastbound direction are shut down until 5:30 a.m. so use leland. as we look at the travel times, 4, 580 and 80 from antioch to concord, top speeds and 580 is looking clear along with 80. >> two branches of the federal government are fighting over a proposed oil pipeline. the environmental protection agency is objecting to the environmental impact from the keystone pipeline that carries oil from western canada to the texas gulf coast. the epa has sent a letter asking for oi
and 63 with sunshine and tahoe. leyla gulen? >> at 4:5, we take a look at the drive and we still have construction projects but we also have the brand new crash if you are coming over the altamont pass to livermore, westbound 580, at greenville road two cars collided and they are in the have divide with no lanes blocked. look at the yellow we are seeing a buildup as you make it out of the central valley. we have a construction roth along morning and southbound 82 northbound 262 until 5:00 a.m. >> a big birthday bash is taking place this morning at pier 39 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the port of san francisco. sky 7 shows us san francisco's unmistakable waterfront with the port created when abraham lincoln was president! this will be a a day-long day of festivities. >> a solar powered plane is being called a big success in a test. the solar impulse flew over the golden gate bridge and bay bridge yesterday with 12,000 solar cells on the 208' wing span. the metro detroit is in preparation for a nonstop cross country trip planned for may 1. the goal is to fly around the world on
the evening it should be dry. a great day for the giants' home opener. leyla gulen has a check on the commute. >> we have 101 traveling smoothly from there and friday lite with construction in certain areas. right new we seeing very good driving conditions making the commute into central san rafael and to 580. we have construction going on in san francisco. we will take it to your eastbound 80 freeway, the off-ramp is shut down until 5:30 and we are look at volume building here. also, the transition from southbound 101 to eastbound 80 is also closed and you can see it is causing a backup in that area. >> 5:03. giants' fans you get your baseball fix. the defending world series champions host the cardinals in the home opener at at&t park. barry is on the mound. abc7 news reporter cornell better nerd joins us live from the park with preparations for game day. >> live from the dugout, no doubt, giants' baseball is back if san francisco. the field is ready. the lights are coming on at at&t park and a beer pickup just arrived. the excitement is building, the defending world champions host st. louis
with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's at noon and mid-60's during the afternoon hours. >> i am leyla gulen in the traffic center, metering lights traffic center, metering lights are on, on the baydays of walkig to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it is 6:29 on this monday, april 15. you know what that is. >> tax deadline day. >> we don't know if your wins are fortune are blowing but the wins are out there in the bay area with clouds out there and this is san francisco downtown. it is a chilly day downtown. >> thanks for joining us, i am here for eric thomas and mike nicco is here to tell us about the wins and cool conditi
again headed into the weekend. how about some traffic? >> leyla gulen is known as chopped liver because i am not italian. good morning, everyone, right now, this is san jose, 280 freeway is looking clear so we have no problems to report there. we do have a bit of construction in oakland and this being along northbound 880, between 680 and mission boulevard north and south. there are three lanes blocked until 6:00 a.m. you want to plan ahead as the commute wears on and you can find the latest on twitter. katie and eric in. >> liver? liver? okay, north korea issue as new nuclear threat, and what officials are moving to do now, or vowing to do now with a live report. >> why this man is paddling down a river. but, first, america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money a city in crisis. stockton, california, can become the largest american city city to enter bankruptcy with $900 million in pension payments that could set a press den. ford and general motors will release sales figures showing march the best month in six years. it will be the 5th consecutive month with a sales
it around and start theerly watching trend for the weekend. leyla gulen? >> good morning, right now we do have a sig-alert. we had an accident along the benicia bridge southbound 680 in the mid-span the didn't is blocking two lanes until further notice with heavy brackets of backups. we have extended travel time, on 580 freeway to 205 and 680, and 34 minutes to get you out of antioch to concord and 80 is looking decent away from highway 4 down to the macarthur maze. >> new this morning, the city of palo alto is taking a formal stand in support of same-sex marriage. our media report, the daily news reporters the palo alto city council voted 6-0 to give the city manager the authority to raise a rainbow flag above king plaza a symbol of gay pride. the city council passed a resurrect fiesing 76 percent of voters in palo alto votes "no" on proposition 8 in 2008. palo alto mayor says that the same-sex marriage and civil rights are the issue of our time. >> shares for bay area based tesla motors get a big jolt and it could go even higher today the. >> ahead, the recovery underway for kevin ware
to the game give yourself a lot of extra time to be here at leyla gulen mentioned there will be street closures on king between 2nd and 3rd. tickets are still available for the game at $60 each but they are standing-room only. no worries, it is still giants' baseball at 1:35. >> new this morning, the labor department released the march jobs report in the last 35 minutes and it shows fewer than expect the jobs were created last month. there is a drop in the nation's unemployment rate, the jobless rate dipped to 7.6 percent for march and only 88,000 jobs were created far fewer than the 200,000 jobs many analysts expected. state with abc7 morning news and live to the new york stock exchange around 6:45 to see how the investors are reacting to the new jobs numbers. >> facebook stock will open higher after the company unveiled the newest product. investors like zuckerberg's unveiling of the new mobile software called "home" and announced this at company headquarters. the droid software puts facebook content on your home screen rather than requiring users to check apps. it will roll out on a
the commute? leyla gulen? >> the commute is treacherous in brentwood with a serious accident involving a head on collision and this is in brentwood a head on collision, a car is on the side and someone is trapped. as we take you to our app we are tracking our drive through brentwood and some folks are seeing a major accident but they say it is not causing heavy delays. if you make the drive in the north bound or southbound direction be aware this crash is there and it could cause problems in a little bit. metering lights are on if you are going out of oakland to san francisco you will be met with quite a bit of traffic out there. >> 48 months, 60 months, how about 72 months with a new trend in paying auto loans and how it is get are more customers inside the show rooms. >> plunging stock price forced jc penney to fire the c.e.o. who says the company got it wrong. louisville is celebrating the championship this morning, the unrest that followed last night's big ñ9ñíÑybit >> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 6:14. new this morning in hea
, it becomes windy, sunny and cooler for sunday with 50's and 60's. now the morning commute. leyla gulen? >> good morning, as we take you back to american canyon, crews are trying to locate the accident that was reported along eastbound. jamison at i-80 a woman was driving and a car went down the embankment and now she is in the ditch. we will keep our eye on that problem. >> to san bruno in the peninsula, southbound 101 transition to 380 will be shut down until 6:00 a.m. kristen and eric? >> another snub to san jose in the efforts to move the a's to the city and the nfl commissioner -- rather, baseball commissioner says he will not meet with the mayor reed. >> a clerk fights back against >> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> officials believe a north korean missile launch is imminent and they have been making preparations. the pentagon says a high-tech floating radar is now up and running joining naval destroyers off the korean coast. experts say a launch could be timed to the birthday of north korea's founder, the current leader's grandfather, on
-to-mid 50's from noon to 4:00. leyla gulen has the commute. >> we still have the traffic accident along westbound 80 if you are coming if this area you will see delays. it is looking like a three-mile backup westbound 80 blocking a couple of lanes. the top speed right now is 15 miles per hour so very sluggish there as you try to make it down to 580. jumping down to san jose eastbound 237 to northbound 85, that connection is going to be re-opened shortly and we still have crews out there mopping things up and a long at the santa cruz mountains on highway 9, this accident still is in place blocking a lane out there. >> developing news in oak, we expect to learn more this morning about a series of raids in the east bay by oakland miss and the f.b.i. the crime sweep wrapped up around 1:00 o'clock a.m., with 15 warrants served and we saw several f.b.i. agents and tactical gear with fully automatic weapons and outside of the city tower apartment building at 7th and lyndon. raids took place in hayward, san leandro and antioch. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield will have an update from oakland
to 80 in antioch. leyla gulen? >> in allah month a fatality is leaving stone valley road shut down in both directions. this is after a car was traveling at a high rate of speed and flips on its roof and resulted in a fatality. pg&e is on the scene. you can use an alternate to connect to 680 to get to oakland. we have an emergency closing because of the possibility of a grenade being found on international boulevard between 47th and 50th avenue, international boulevard is closed until further notice. kristen and eric? >> it is about 5:02. crews in san jose are keeping watch on a historic building gutted by an overnight fire. the old victorian building is located near interstate 280. it started before 9:30 and took two hours to bring under control. the building was constructed in 1884 and was the former site of a bicycle shop. it caused major structural damage and could be in danger of collapse. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield will have a report next half hour. >> breaking news from contra costa county, the c.h.p. is on the scene of a fatal accident, with leyla gulen talking about
it looks. mike can tell us about the clouds. we are checking traffic, too, with leyla gulen. >> safe way is blaming increased competition from dollar stores s for flat revenue and announced yesterday they made $9.9 billion if the last quarter, down slightly from the year before. however, sales are up slightly, but investors don't seem to be impressed. the stock plunged 14 percent yesterday to close at 2432, the biggest stock drop in 10 years. >> the c.e.o. and mother of yahoo is adding something else, all things digital reports she is join the board of jaw bone a company that makes wireless gadgets including headsets, speakers and more. she was in talked to join the board last year but neither yahoo or jaw bone is commenting. >> house of representatives is voting to possibly end the traffic jams at the nation's airports. abc7 news reporter joins us from washington, dc. >> it has been an ugly week for air traveler, triple the delays than this point last year. the f.a.a. says half of those are because of the controller furloughs. >> a fix for frustrateed flyers could take off. the senate v
for the bay and inland. east bay travelers, leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone. 5:02. the bay bridge toll plaza right now to get you started from oakland we are looking at clear traffic. treasure island off-ramp on westbound 80 is shut down. that is because of a downed tree blocking the roadway. crews are out there cleaning things up, and in san jose it looks like the drive along 280 away from 17 is a quiet drive but very windy and high winds along 101 at sfo and another south of highway 84. we had early backups but that now is cleared. the rest of the commute is looking decent northbound with a little tap on the brakes and there is diminished visibility along the great low so -- great highway so it is closed in both directions. >> at 5:04. the winds have been howling all morning waking up residents at the coast and part of geary is blocked with a downed tree. the great highway, construction barriers and markers were blown over. sand from ocean beach is now blown all over the road and abc7 news reporter cornell will have more on the windy weather in the next half hour. >> the wind is crea
a great day. leyla gulen? >> sounds like we are paying our dues before we enjoy our beautiful weather. as we look outside we have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are officially on and we are looking at heavy backups coming away out of the oak. very busy conditions and the sun is rising and it looks like winds are kicking things up. well head down the peninsula along the coast with sand collecting on to highway one between santa cruz and toward half moon bay. as you and see we have light green yellow area so we have high winds that are affecting our traffic. be careful and avoid taking that particular area. as we led back to the east bay, we have debris floating around in lanes eastbound 24 as you come out of the tunnel it is impeding the traffic. >> 6:22. people across the bay area are waking up as we just discussed to downed tries and power outages and we will go live to the peninsula. there is a brand new problem there. >> they call them lores of -- ls of the k9 advantix ii not only kills fleas and ticks, it also repels most ticks before they can attach. the
. there will be a dry, cold front taking our temperatures down 10- to 15-degrees by monday. leyla gulen? >> at 4:37 we will look at the golden gate bridge where we have construction on the southbound side, two lanes are blocked until 5:00 a.m., and it does not look like we have too much traffic anyway, but, a clear drive moving from marin to san francisco. now, as we head back to marin, we have construction northbound on 101 as you come right through waldo tunnel, we have two lanes blocked and the cones are picked up at 6:00 a.m. and in san francisco we have construction blocking the transition road from southbound 101 to eastbound 80, with construction wrapping up at 6:00. >> thank you, leyla gulen. a bayer set up to save birds has actually killed dogs of -- dozens of them, at look at the problem. >> extending bart service to the south bay is a milestone. when the heavy digging is expected to begin. first, though, we have the tech bytes this morning. >> the ipad mini will get some competition. the "wall street journal" reports that microsoft will start producing a 7" version of the surface tablet thi
is expected to open in 2018. to help you avoid the construction today we will go back to leyla gulen for a look at the alternate routes. >> good morning, everyone. in san jose, that is where we will see the bart construction project. it is called the bart silicon valley extension project that will last from seven to nine months from monday through saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. but here are the alternates you go from here to the sierra. also, capital avenue will run parallel to the closing so that will help you avoid the detours. give yourself extra time. >> and there is another bay area transportation project. crews will begin the interstate 80 rehabilitation project with the repair and repaving of an 8-mile stretch of the highway affecting traffic in both directions. the $40 million project will be completed by fall of next year. >> sold in sacramento officials will hear challenges to building a new arena for the warriors in san francisco. the proposed water front arena on piers 30 and 32 faces stiff operation from neighborhood and environmental groups. opponents will testify
in the seven but first the traffic. leyla gulen? >> good morning. as amy hollyfield was saying it is exciting that the exploritorium is opening but that mean as lot of traffic along the embarcardero. parking is at a rum. take mass transit which runs along the embarcardero. that way you can enjoy the whole day of festivities. in san jose we have a big rig crash that is in a ditch. northbound 101, with no delays just yet. to the tolls, the bay bridge is looking clear from oakland into the tolls. you have a clear drive into san francisco. as we head back into san jose the drive along 280 away from 17, not seeing any accidents. >> a big showdown is hours away. congress is on a gun-control bill. why gun advocates say that measure goes too far. >> you her the warnings about radiation and cell phones. find out why the big phone companies may not have to disclose the details to you in the future. now the tech bytes. >> more targeted cyber attacks but less spam e-mail is soon by internet users last year according to an annual report by a security company. they found 42 percent rise in the number attac
, possibly record warmth. >> leyla gulen? >> san jose drive shows away from the julian off-ramp it is looking clear with a few headlights northbound along 87 to downtown san jose. as we head to the map an update on the crash along westbound 580 at greenville road, that was just a flat tire and the car is on the shoulder. we are seeing a buildup of traffic over the altamont pass in the westbound direction but month the most part you are at top speed. as we look at the drive in richmond westbound 580 before central avenue it is a report a crash and c.h.p. says the car was left in the roadway. they have called out a tow truck and will move it out of the lanes shortly. >> oakland is about to declare war on a public nuisance with relief for thousand would drive on city streets. >> bay area school faces sudden closure and an effort to keep the doors open. >> celebrity trial this morning in los angeles that will put >> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> it is 4:42. oakland will tackle the biggest complaints from residents especially those who drive: poth
boulevard. we are starting to see a backup before 115. >> leyla gulen was talking about bart, imagine riding bart to work and a passenger pulls out a stun gun and uses it on another passenger. ahead at 6:30, police and other riders say the woman with the stun gun did the right thing. >> candy that claims to be good for you. how does it state? "consumer reports" have the task of comparing the new candy [ indistinct conversations ] [ madentures when you wear dentures you may not know it, but your mouth is under attack. food particles infiltrate and bacteria proliferate. ♪ protect your mouth, with fixodent. the adhesive helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. ♪ time to get away... the petsmart spring get the lowest prices of the season. and save $3 on a dog nail grinding service in our grooming salon. this weekend only, at petsmart®. eeeee less sugar and artificial ingredients. "consumer reports" has partnered with 7 on your side to fine out. here is michael finney. >> you can see competition on the cracker
the weekend forecast. now over to leyla gulen. >> good morning, everyone, we are faking a look at your drive at the maze with the commute headed along westbound 80, the tail lights show traffic is building a little bit making the curb to the bay bridge and the eastbound drive away from 580 is not looking too bad at this hour. now i want to tell you about construction projects. along the northbound 880 in oakland, cones are picked up. as you can see there is yellow here causing a diminished speed headed to oakland. the drive through san francisco shows construction out here with more details in a little bit. >> apple may no longer be number one in the eyes of investors. what they will look if when they release a key report today. >> concert goers get more than they bargain god and what caused a best light show ever for a music festival. first, here is the tech bytes. >> facebook is off to a slow start the first week the droid app was down loaded 500,000 times compared to droid app download add million times in just 24 hours. 3-d is coming to google earth when you can navigate the globe using
the warm weather. leyla gulen has the commute. >> as we track the sig-alert northbound 680 in fremont it is not causing too much slowing. mission boulevard off-ramp will be shut down until 7:00 due to an overturned big rig carrying 18,000 pounds of cargo so crews will have for take that cargo out. mass transit looks like everything is running smoothly with no delays on bart or caltrain and central san rafael southbound 101 with no accidents to report. kristen and eric? >> developing news from antioch, now, in the last hour, police released new information on a triple shooting that left a person dead and two others hospitalized. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield joins us live on the violence in this typically quiet neighborhood. >> police have told us what they think happened. they say the man inside the home shot two women and then himself. police got the call before 11:00 last night. inside the home on yorkshire drive in antioch they found three people remain shot. the man died. they have just told us his name, 22-year-old jimmy bill. the two women survived. neighbors say they were s
and handhill road and at 280 you will see detours in place. eric? >> as leyla gulen and mike said there are widely scattered showers and driving can be stretch rouse. this only, though, the rain came down in a steady stream. you are looking at the scene from 4th and howard in san francisco a few hours ago. abc7 news reporter is live with more on how drivers are coping with this at the golden gate bridge. kira klapper? >> you can see there is a steady flow of traffic on the golden gate bridge with a lot of tourists coming out to take photos. the weather is clear. the rain has stopped. the wind is more of a problem. this morning it was different. heavy rain and so heavy the california highway control requested additional personnel to respond to all the accidents on highway 101. hours of steady rain pouring over marin county made for a messy commute. the marin area california highway patrol covers a 25 mile stretch of road with a busy rush responding to accident upon accident. >> in a two-hour period of time we have had eight crashes in marin county. so far, minor injuries but nothin
. we have a look at the traffic with leyla gulen. >> on in traffic and the look over the toll at the bay bridge, am lot of tough traffic. we have had spinouts and hydroplaning. a mess. a new accident in vallejo affecting 780 eastbound beyond columbus parkway. where it is shaded in green is where we are seeing rain affecting your drive, still, so although there are parts where it looks to be drying up we have other areas we are finding rain. in atherton, because of president obama's visit, street closures are expected. this is between woodside road and handhill road and at 280 you will see detours in place. eric? >> as leyla gulen and mike said there are widely scattered showers and driving can be stretch rouse. this only, though, the rain came down in a steady stream. you are looking at the scene from 4th and howard in san francisco a few hours ago. abc7 news reporter is live with more on how drivers are coping with this at the golden gate bridge. kira klapper? >> you can see there is a steady flow of traffic on the golden gate bridge with a lot of tourists coming out to take
of our abc7 news team, leyla gulen, has tracking the traffic situation. >> the question is, is it going to an giant traffic problem? as cornell bernard already told us, we will see northbound king street closed between 2nd and third for an hour and we are starting to see a lot of traffic pouring into the area. as we look at 280 between ten miles per hour and 51 miles per hour so you are creeping along as you start approaching the off ramp. how is the 101? 101 is still looking at 21 miles per hour. this is the approach of the portrero district, and 46 coming from bayview so it is looking busy out there. also, as cornell said, use public transit and that is the best way because, also, parking is going to be at a premium. so pier 30 and pier 32 shut down. here is a live look at our bay bridge, the incline is locking slow when you reach the western span the traffic loosens up just a little bit. katie and eric? >> can you say bart? muni? good idea. >> better choices. >> a deadly school bus accident in illinois. coming up, the school bus on its side but encouraging news for the children insid
at the coast. here is leyla gulen. >> good morning, at 4:40, the drive to pleasanton, southbound 680, it is blocking one lane. but it is not causing any slowing. between pleasanton to livermore, there is construction on eastbound 580 and that will be shut down to two lanes until 6:00 a.m. and the san mateo bridge has a high wind advisory. traffic is loading upcoming from hayward into foster city. >> it is 4:41. >> in the hours after the boston attack, travel becomes a big challenge for thousands of passengers across the country, and what you can expect today. >> while you were sleeping san francisco police are fired on by a suspect during a high-speed chase. what led to the shooting is ahead. covering walnut creek, cam belt, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 4:44. the top story across the country this morning, live at finish line of the boston marathon where the explosions happened yesterday, three people are killed and more than 100 are injured and police and the f.b.i. investigating right now and we will bring you the latest coming up. >> in fact, in a few hours the f.b.i
. leyla gulen? >> a day to put the top down or car pool on this earth day. good morning, everyone, at 4:49 weave a look at the drive into central san rafael, and the southbound commute, the tail lights as they make it to 580, it is looking clear to the waldo tunnel to sausalito and across the golden gate bridge and now as we take it to our map, we do have a reported power outage. this is in gilroy. it could affect your traffic signals. if you see blinking intersection lights, consider that it is going to be a four-way stop so be considerate. as we look at the travel times, everything is moving along at top speeds. kristen and eric? >> new this morning, police are on the scene of a shooting that left five people dead near seattle. police got an emergencied call and two people were wounded in the park lot of an farm complex. one reached for a weapon and officers were forced to shoot and kill. in the search of the complex another man was found ned an apartment and dead woman in another. no immediate word on what set off the gunfire. >> in india, a second man ir arh the rape of a five-year-
. >> leyla gulen, we are coming up on 5:19. had trouble getting your iphone or ipod fixed you could have money coming to you. >> a bedding friend difficult is underway in the 9 u.k. to get the name of the royal baby. an amazing foul ball catch at mannerers game. >> today, we have something for everyone and the record will be set by latoya jackson, and nurse jackie ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ] [ dog ] we found it together. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-around thing... had made you play. and that... had made you smile. [ announcer ] beneful. play. it's good for you. 100% whole grain brown rice and wheat and bake it with real sweet potato or savory red bean? a new line of triscuit crackers with a delicious taste and a crispier crunch. brown rice triscuit. a new take on an old favorite. eeee on their peers and the national hockey league is taking a stand because of the efforts of a san jose sharks player. the league announced i
and and it surges back in the forecast with mid-80's inland and low 60's at the coast. have a good one. leyla gulen? >> we have mass transit delays. if you are going to be using bart this morning, because of the police actist happening in san francisco, south of union square, between market, 3rd street and montgomery stations the escalators are shut down because of a suspicious package and bart leaves san francisco and headed to pittsburg we have a 10-to-15 minute delay. that is due to early maintenance. we also see a problem from west oakland to sfo because of mechanical problems. watch out for that problem. the great highway is shut down because of high winds early this week that blew a lot of sand on the road. the commute out here, we are seeing fog that could affect it. >> next up, help for struggling homeowners, the checks awaiting some people after a multimedical settlement. >> poison letters sent to capitol hill and authorities have arrested someone for the scare. >> community leveled in a massive blast from west, texas, after a >> this is abc7 news. >> a hearing the be underway in san franc
on sunday and monday. leyla gulen? >> i have a report of a brand new crash on westbound 80 with a car pinned under a semi truck. one lane is blocked. we are seeing delays in the area. as we jump to san jose, we have a white box truck that has gone over the side of the freeway, northbound 101, before bailey avenue, right new no lanes are blocked and as i take you to san francisco that run is set to begin at 7:00 a.m. at the ferry building and it will be a four-mile stretch so you may see delays in the area. will, giants northbound canyon is closed between 3rd and 2nd from 5:00 p.m. until midnight. >> leyla gulen tha you, next we are following the developments from the , the manhunt there where authorities are searching for suspect number two and the latest on the massive manhunt that shut wn the boston area. >> lawmakers defend their plan on immigration reform, how they are responding to critics to >> welcome back, we have heard a special report of all of boston, the metro area, 4.5 million people are on lockdown. authorities are going door to door searching for suspect number two in the mara
this afternoon, so be prepared. leyla gulen? >> if you are going to be a beach bum today, you may want to take note this, the great highway is still closed and this is between lincoln way and folk boulevard along the beach closed until further notice because of the sand that has blown on the freeway with the high winds. along 4, 580 and 80, it is looking clear but 4 from antioch to concord you are at 20 minutes and the 580 from the central valley is down to 23 minutes and 80 is clear from highway four to the maze and not a problem out th >> a six-year old boy is alive to tell the story of being attacked by an alligator. joey was about do go canoeing with his fore when he wondered too close to the water edge and suddenly an alligator jumped out of water and chomped on him. >> he grab my arm. >> i had my son like this here because i didn't want to play tug of war with the alligator so while i am doing that, i am punching the alligator on top of the head. >> a witness saw it as well and kicked the alligator in the belly and it finally released the boy and he was rushed to the hospital and suffer
record high democrats but first i want to get you traffic with leyla gulen. >> at 6:10 we are tracking a couple of issues in san jose. southbound along 101 before you reach dunn avenue, a car that will woulded over could have been traveling at a high rate of speed and now it is resting on the shoulder on the roof. we have spectators slowing in the northbound direction and the accident southbound 101 at dunn avenue and in hair, -- in hayward, before industrial boulevard, we are starting to see extra traffic on the san mateo bridge and a look at san mateo along northbound 280, there is a car and a problem blocking one lane. >> ladies, you will be watching this closely, kate is showing east baby bump and the weekend event where the duchess was front and center. >> first, facebook is adding jobs and facilities and what is their function? will any of the jobs be in the bay area? >> devote's prius is losing popularity revealing what is behind the >> covering san rafael, south base, and pleasanton and all bay area. >> how about to shot, a new camera on the brand new exploritorium showing you
and mid-80's around the bay and low 70's at the coast. that is the forecast for now. leyla gulen? >> it is a brick drive headed southbound along 101 to central san rafael. this is our drive as you make it southbound, northbound, are the headlights and no construction projects and no problems or accidents as you make it down to the 580 freeway and toward waldo tunnel. as you head back to the drive, out of antioch we have report of a crash westbound highway 4, it is a car that flipped over and it is possibly on the shoulder. it was trying to swerve out of the way to avoid hitting a ladder is what c.h.p. is telling us. we are looking at a backup coming away from the accident so very slow going moving westbound but hopefully chop will be there to clean it up soon. >> it is 5:09. the latest fashion trend means big business for a medical group. >> a sky high stunter, a man banned from a vacation flight over a medical condition although the airline was warned in advance. >> help wanted pizza makers and the jobs are going begging. >> a warning from the popular website living social, ther
in the seven-day outlook. leyla gulen? >> good morning, mike, in san francisco as amy hollyfield reported the san francisco run will start at the ferry building and it is a four-mile loop so just make sure you avoid this area around 7:00 a.m. if at all possible because it will be crowded. as we jump to the east bay we have construction this is along eastbound four, at leverage road, until 5:30 a.m. we have a couple of lanes blocked out there and they picking up the green so the rain is falling in the area that could affect the commute headed they bay point. >> it is 4:37. the breaking news, the manhunt in the boston area if a suspect in the boston marathon bombing, thousands of police officers and federal agents have converged on watertown for the manhunt. abc7 news reporter is there with the latest information. once again we are having problems with ought -- audio from our reporter in boston but they are concentrating on the watertown area but we have late information that the public has been advised to steer clear of a street in cambridge, increase folk street wreck there is an ongoing
. the cool be trend continues through thursday, and a warming trend for the week. leyla gulen? >> stop-and-go traffic along 87 northbound beyond the julian off-ramp with plenty of company and this accident in concord, southbound, along 680 at highway 4, with a lane blocked out there. >> thank you, leyla gulen, the news ♪ they can feel it all over they can feel it all over, people ♪ >>> a nice crowd out there in times square, for this tuesday morning. a little stevie wonder. boy, did he rock it last night on "dancing with the stars." he's rocking this morning here. joey fatone. >> go, joey. go, joey. it was stevie wonder last night in the ballroom. do you have all of the dish for us? >> all the dish. all the dirt. it will be fun. >> you are going to deliver the dirt? >> i'm going to try. i have the insight on some things you may not hear. >> all right. >> insider. >>> i'll take this. cher is back. i had no idea she had gone. but she's back. and breaking new ground. what she's doing for the first time in 12 years. >> i love that song. come on, robin. >> no, you go. no, you go. >> no.
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